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Rowing machine: mainly used to enhance the strength of arms, dorsal latissimus dorsi and movement coordination ability.AMTFitnessMovement: unlike other fitness way, users can experience t25 download the different motion patterns and zero impact, similar to the stair climbing, walking, jogging and running freely switch between.t25 discount You can use this instant conversion mode function, adjust your training mode to target specific muscle groups training.EllipseRunning machine:t25 exercise smoothTrajectoryAnd cross slope patent technology allows users to meet the posture exercise muscle group of biomechanics, increase the diversity and effectiveness of exercise.t25 dvd Zero resistance exercise reduce muscle strain.Aerobics: exercise, like riding a bicycle, mainly used to enhance the leg strength, enhance cardiovascular function.Bouncing vehicle: mainly used for abdominal muscle and cardiopulmonary exercise legs,t25 equipment waist.Treadmill: mainly used to exercise the legs, buttocks, waist, abdominal muscles and function of heart and lung.The waist machine: can be used for a relaxing massage to the waist, back.Combined type multifunctional device generally includeChest expander,t25 focus calendar Chinning, bench press, sit ups and other device function.Chest expander,Chinning, bench press, is mainly used to exercise the upper limb strength and the pectoralis major muscle strength; sit ups, mainly used to exercise the waist muscle, reduce lumbar abdominal fat.

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